Alex (#645) 09-15-14

I was heading back to the car when I looked over my shoulder at a Whole Foods store. Alex was sitting in front, sipping a drink. Her hair caught my eye. I told her so, and she was glad to be photographed.

She is from Anchorage Alaska, about as far from Sarasota as you can get in the U.S. Alex is spending two years in the Sarasota Ballet Company, she is half way through. I asked how she found this company from so far away. Her teacher in Alaska attended a conference in Canada and met the director of the Sarasota group. He told her about Alex and the rest is history.

I told Alex that that my wife and I had spent three days in Anchorage, and had breakfast each morning in the Snow City Cafe. Her face brightened, she knew the place well. The menu is great, but expect to wait on line – in the cold.

I asked if the Florida heat bothered her. Alex's smile vanished and her eyes rolled up, “YESSS!”