Wanda (#642) 09-10-14

I sat outdoors with a cup of Joe about 10:30 in the morning. The camera was with me, but I really was not in the mood. I did not expect to approach anyone – until I saw Wanda across the street. Dan was with Wanda, but her dreads held my interest. They had tried the door to a tavern that was locked, but appeared to be waiting for an imminent opening. So I abandoned my coffee and hurried across the street.

To my surprise, both were very reluctant. Dan just gave a flat NO, but Wanda wavered. I quickly showed her my Photostream on the phone. She reluctantly agreed. I found it curious that she obviously took so much time to make up her hair, yet was not eager to share the look with others. It took her 4 years for the hair to grow out this much.

Now, when she saw the images on the camera, she LOVED them! And wanted the. She has no e-mail, so I got her snail mail address and promised to send something along. I finally got a shot of Dan, but he was so uncomfortable that I am not posting it.

After saying our goodbyes, I went back to my coffee. Looking at her address, I was concerned that I had misspelled something. So I went back over and tried the tavern door. Still closed. But then I heard her voice from the drivers seat of a late model SUV,”Hey, don't forget to send the photos!” I went over and showed her my journal and sure enough, I had the address wrong.

I usually crop square, but that's kind of awkward for a print. I tried a 6X4 aspect ratio, but it just didn't work. But 4X5 seemed good, so what the heck, I printed the color and B&W version 10X8 and sent them along. I have never had a stranger change her mind about being photographed so abruptly.