Robin (#637) 08-29-14

I had lunch in one of my favorite breakfast/lunch spots, “First Watch”. Robin showed me to my seat and quickly brought some coffee. One minute later she took my order, and five minutes later brought the food (there were several employees present). When I went to the register to pay, no one was there. Immediately Robin appeared and made the change. I said, “You're a one man band.” “Yep, I do t all.”

Then she asked what I liked to photograph. “People”, I said.

“Oh, like you meet people in certain places for professional portraits?”

“No, my hobby is to meet people who I've never seen before and ask for a portrait. Can I meet you and take your picture?”


She has lived in Sarasota for 14 years and worked at First Watch for a year and a half. Already a line was forming behind me, so I had to work quickly. So quickly that I neglected to raise my ISO from the base 200. The resulting shutter speed was only 1/13 sec. The eyes are not as sharp as I like, but not bad for such a slow shutter speed with an effective focal length of 90mm. This is totally to the Olympus in-camera stabilization, and not my 66 year old hands.