Nick and Meg (#636) 08-28-14

Due to a personal issue, I had not held a camera for over two months. So meeting Nick and Meg was a big deal for me. I saw them from across the street. They were drinking ice coffee (I think) and their glasses were almost full, so I was confident that they would be there for a few minutes.

When I approached, both were amused and more than happy to be photographer. Nick was originally from Bonita Springs (100 miles south) and now lives in Sarasota. He works for a nearby tech company. Meg was originally from Kansas, but has lived in Sarasota for most of her life. She graduated from nearby Venice High School, same as me. I said, “Gee, I don't quite remember you. What year did you graduate?” it was 2000. I snapped my fingers and said “Darn, I JUST missed you. I graduated in 1964.” We all got a laugh out of that.

Nick said, “The project sounds interesting. You never know who you'll meet.”