Jeff (#638) 08-31-14

Jeff was sitting in front of Starbucks, having a smoke. When I asked him for a portrait, he said sure, and that this had happened to him before. Years ago in Santa Fe, MN, a photographer approached him at 4AM for a portrait, a class assignment. I assured Jeff that I would NEVER approach strangers at 4AM!

He has a degree from Cornell, but decided to work as a Massage Therapist in Santa FE. Work was not easy to come by because of reverse sexual discrimination. Women are afraid of male therapists, and men definitely don't want another man. I said “Yeah, I can see that.” Nevertheless, he did this for seven years and later moved to Sweden. There he worked on large power lines on tall towers. Jeff had to climb 350 foot towers with 50 lbs. Of gear on his back. Eventually he developed a knee injury and wound back up in the States.

Jeff has decided to return to Massage Therapy (easier on the knees) and is currently jumping through hoops to get a Florida license. He doesn't need to take any more exams, just complete applications and pay fees.