Laura and John (#635) 08-27-14

I saw them from a distance, walking away from me. They were holding hands, and John was carrying a bouquet of roses. I picked up my pace, walking double-time to catch up. Finally they paused at a storefront, giving me time to close the distance.

When I asked, they seemed both amused and flattered, there was no hesitation. They both graduated from Venice High School (20 miles south), and now live in nearby Lakewood Ranch. John works for The Observer, a local newspaper.

As usual, I asked Laura not to smile for the camera, but after two attempts she genuinely did not like the results. So I relented. John just has a natural more serious look.

I pointed to John's roses and said, “Boy, you must have done something bad.” He said no, they had done something good. Laura and John had just had wedding pictures taken!

Congratulations, and thank you for allowing me to photograph you for the 100 Strangers Flickr group.