Theresa (#603) 05-24-14

I was at the pool area in The Pink Shell Resort, Ft. Myers Beach. The area was packed, and a singer/guitar player had his amplifier in high gear. The edge of the area was undercover, and in one corner was a room for the towel concession.

I could see Theresa collecting used towels from sunburned guests. I liked the quality of light, if not the quantity. So I set the camera's ISO to 800, and met Theresa. She was happy to be photographed. I was a bit taken aback – she was much younger than I thought, but still a high school graduate. Theresa was born and raised in Ft. Myers. She LOVES her job and has held it for three months. She likes the beach but not direct sunlight, so she works at the beach in shade. How good is that? At one point a guest brought some towels – I stepped behind a pillar until he left. I didn't want to risk Theresa getting into trouble for being distracted from her duties.

Theresa is a smiley person, and it took a little coaxing and patience to get the posted image. The one in the comments is 'her'. I got her e-mail address and sent these images.