Larry (#602) 05-23-14

I spent several hours walking around Bradenton, FL. I was sure that Larry was homeless, I kept seeing him sitting on various benches, always with a large sack at his side. An almost sure sign. When I explained my project, Larry was pleasant and had no objections.

He seems to have lived everywhere, including Ohio, California, and Las Vegas. He used to clean casinos there, and would like to return someday. I asked where he stayed. There is an “open door” shelter, but he doesn't get along with people there. He stays outdoors with other homeless, and the property owner tells the police that they are “Guests.”

I was amused that Larry was wearing an FSU (Florida State University) hat, as my wife and I are from the rival University of Florida. He got the hat from a church, and has no knowledge of the school. I asked if there were any facilities where the homeless could get mail, do laundry, etc. Larry shrugged, and said that he wasn't to interested in doing laundry. He just went to churches every few days and got “new” clothes.


It is interesting to see how different homeless people cope, and how much personal responsibility they take.