Matt (#563) 04-09-14

A recent 100 Strangers string explores the preferences of photographers to look for the Stranger, or the background for a photograph. Well in Matt's case, the background came first. I was in downtown Macon Ga, a place that I visit three or four times a year. So I am superficially familiar with the area, but do not have intimate knowledge of specific locations.

When I came upon this dark alcove, with a brick wall and bright reflective building across the street, I knew that it was a winner of a location. All I needed was someone to meet there. And “Tag”, Matt was “IT!” When I explained the project, Matt was very polite and cooperative. He was also very shy, and did not easily offer conversation. Matt was raised in Macon and graduated from Central High School, where my younger granddaughter now attends. Matt finished 10 years ago. He now works at a Pizza restaurant a few doors away, and was 'on break' as we spoke.

If I lived in Macon, I would visit this location often.