John (#564) 04-10-14

I began the morning with another photographer interested in portraits of strangers. So, as usual, I wanted to approach someone fairly quickly, to get the 'juices' flowing. Along came John. We were in an area that is usually in bright sunlight, but this was a rare very overcast day, and light was of acceptable quality almost everywhere.

When I approached John, he was interested in the project and was eager to be photographed. He said, Oh, you have a film camera?” I love it when people confuse my Olympus OM-D E-M5 for a film camera, because of it's retro look. I assured him that it was pure digital. Turns out that John has a Canon 7D and is getting into professional photography. He has been assisting professional photographer Troy Plota – his website is HERE.

Troy does very high end work.

John is from nearby Bradenton and graduated from high school there.