Cassandra (#562) 04-08-14

I saw Cassandra from across the street, and she was not headed my way. Her posture, the way she way she moved and carried herself caught my eye; she had a 'presence', which unfortunately cannot be captured in a two dimensional image. But I had to try anyway.

I quickly crossed the road and chased her through a maze of tents (yet another festival of some kind). I circled in front of her and asked my question – she smiled and said “Of course.” The sky was overcast; quality of light would not be a problem. But potential backgrounds were chaotic, so I did something I seldom do; I asked her to move about 20 yards, to the side of a white tent. Cassandra was more than happy to do so. My usual request to 'not smile' didn't work so well, she knew how she wanted to look and that was it. I suspect that she had seen a camera before. :-)

Cassandra lived in Ana Maria Island, about 15 miles away, and had attended St. Leo College. She affirmed my knowledge of St. Leo, that it is in San Antonio, Fl, home of an annual rattlesnake roundup. Sounds like fun (not!).