Phillip (#575) 04-23-14

The Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg had an exhibit of the photographs of Aaron Siskind. There were 37 black and white images of Harlem living in the 1930s and 40s. Very interesting. Equally interesting was one of the docents at the museum check-in and information desk.

I seldom photograph strangers indoors, partly because the light is often funky. But I loved Phillip's hair, and told him so. He laughed and seemed just a little embarrassed, but when I explained 100 Strangers he was VERY interested. He asked if I was familiar with Humans of New York (HONY), and I said, “Oh yeah...” I told him how impressed I was by some of the information that people gave out.

So I said, “OK Phillip, what interesting fact about you can you tell me?”

“I work at the Salvador Dali Museum too.”

“Wow, Phillip, that's really really wild stuff!” We both laughed.