Jessica (#576) 04-24-14

Near St. Petersburg Fl, is the island town of Maderia Beach. At one end, Johns Pass is lined by an incredible array of shops and eateries. One of the larger shops is Surf Style which is a laugh – there is virtually no surf here. Inside is overwhelming inventory and a stand alone kiosk with a tattoo artist. The “tattoos” are of the temporary variety, safe for kiddies to have a good time, without upsetting the parents. The wall behind the kiosk was filled with tattoo art.

Jessica was the tattoo artist. I explained 100 Strangers and went through my spiel. She was happy to comply, and said “Oh, I do some wedding photography on the side.” I said that wedding photography sounded awfully demanding for a side job. She shrugged and said, “It's no big deal.” So I asked if she aspired to be a full time photographer. “Oh no, I'm studying to be a teacher.”

Jessica went to high school, and now lives, in nearby Seminole Fl. She attends St. Petersburg College, and hopes to be an educator in a few years. Quite a career path: tattoo artist, to wedding photographer, to teacher. Who would have guessed?