Brittany and Trevor (#574) 04-22-14

While seated at an outdoor trattoria, I kept my eye out for an opportunity that could be dropped into my lap. It was. Two young men and a young woman were walking towards me with a street between us. They had numerous tattoos, and the dress was definitely new age. As usual, it made me feel old.

The light was OK but there was no acceptable background anywhere between us, so I got up and began walking away from them. We were all walking in the same direction with me in front. When I passed an area with a dark (but not great) background, I turned around and walked toward them, so that we would meet at the location of my choice. I spoke with Brittany and Trevor, while the other fellow stepped to the side. Brittany and Trevor were happy to oblige, but they said that they were in a hurry and could only stay a minute. I think that they felt flattered.

After I got a few shots, I turned to the other man who was now several yards away. He just shook his head “No” and gave me the crossed forearm sign. He was not smiling.

A few minutes later, I saw Brittany and Trevor (without the other guy) across the street, walking slowly. Not sure what to make of that. I don't know if the 'hurry' was a ruse to keep the encounter short, or if the third man had to be somewhere on a schedule.