Kathy and Jamie (#533) 03-03-14

Another fine Saturday morning and I began my walk at 8:30 instead of my usual 9:00.  What a difference in the light! I need to stop being lazy. As I approached my favorite coffee shop with outdoor seating, I saw Kathy and Jamie, not to mention the dog. Kathy was perfectly backlit, so I introduced myself and asked for the usual favor. No problem! Both went to local schools. Kathy attended a Christian school that has subsequently closed. Later she attended the local Community college and the University of South Florida. Hey, I went there too! But several decades earlier.


The pooch is Gimli. I struggled with the spelling until Jamie said that the name came from “Lord of the Rings.” I told them that the age thing was rearing its ugly head again. A name from Laurel and Hardy, or Gasoline Alley might be familiar to me.

They liked the images and took my card.