Bonnie (#534) 03-04-14

I was speaking with a fellow named Al, who was very outgoing and energetic. When He understood that I was trying to meet, and photograph strangers, well, he began to help. As Bonnie walked by, he called out, “Hey, do you want to be photographed?” She stopped for a second and I immediately approached, and met her. Thanks, Al. If there were money involved, I would owe him a royalty. Thanks, Al!


Bonnie is originally from Tallahassee FL, but has lived in Sarasota for several years. I asked her what the best thing that had happened that day was. I got a common response, “I woke up.” So I gave my usual retort, “Aw, you are too young for that to be the best thing. For someone my age, it might be, but you must have more exciting things in your life than that.” She smiled, looked thoughtful for a few moments and then said, “My health. I have good health.” Well, I guess that that could be exciting.

I told Bonnie that I liked her bling. For simple headshots, I usually like a square crop. But I cropped this vertical to include the entire necklace.