George (#532) 03-01-14

As I walked through an outdoor health fest, I passed the “Genesis” kiosk. I was about to approach the proprietor when he spied, and quickly approached, me. “Try this” he suggested, and held out a thin tin pouch labeled “Genesis”. George explained that it contained pomegranate extract and was full of antioxidants. He assured me that I would feel extra energy for the rest of the day. OK, I tried it and it tasted a bit like Welch’s Grape Juice. Pleasant.

George lived in Tampa and was the regional representative for the Symmetry Corporation, maker of Genesis and a gaggle of other health products. He was working the booth in Sarasota for one day only. Check the website HERE.

George gave me his business card which listed this general Symmetry site HERE. 

The things that I will do (drink) for a portrait. George was happy to be photographed, and I sent him a copy of this image.


In all honesty, the rest of my day was fine, but I didn’t feel any more, or less, energetic than usual.