Brian (#529) 02-17-14

With two other photographers in tow, I saw an artist sitting on the ground, in the middle of a park. He was out in the open. Normally the light would be far too harsh, but a heavy overcast made portraits virtually anywhere a possibility.

He was Brian, originally from New Jersey. He was immediately interested in the Stranger project, and was sympathetic to my two friends who were approaching strangers for the first time. As we spoke, I noticed a finished pencil sketch portrait, a very good likeness of Elvis Presley. Brian was probably a very small child when Elvis died.

Brian recalled a photographer in New York who had a similar project. I asked if it was Brandon Stanton. It was not. Brian was unfamiliar with Humans of New York (HONY), Brandon Stanton’s work. I gave him the Facebook address which Brian immediately put into his cellphone. If you have not seen HONY, check it out HERE.


I love the relaxed, genuine look that Brian has. My two friends photographed him afterwards, and Brian had the same peaceful expression.