Natalie (#530) 19-02-14

Just a few blocks from home I passed Natalie and her friend. I have an affinity for redheads (my wife is one), so I stopped and asked my question. She was surprised and a little shy (embarrassed?) but agreed. This time of year many folks in Florida are visiting from ‘up north.’ Natalie is from Fairbanks, Alaska – REALLY up north.


She is an Alaska native and owns a bar in Fairbanks. Sounds like a gold mine to me; what else is there to do, certain times of the year? But her mother lives in Venice, so she is about to spend two weeks here.

I asked her what the best thing was that had happened to her that day. She smiled and shrugged, “Waking up this morning?” I said, “Nah, you are too young for that.” Then she said that sitting outside on her mother’s lanai and drinking mimosas in February just seemed crazy. Ah, that’s better.