Elaine (#528) 15-02-14

Sometimes fate is a wonderful friend. I had offered to take two photographers on a city walk to find, and photograph strangers. It’s always gratifying to see someone make their first connection. Well the luck today is that Main Street was closed, and filled with booths selling health and healing products, including spiritual healing. People everywhere!

One of my compatriots pointed to a gaily dressed, smiling lady in a booth called “Silver Stream of Consciousness.” The vendor was Elaine Silver – I get it! Elaine was extremely outgoing and more than happy to be photographed. I liked the background. Black and white just doesn’t do her justice.


While we spoke, a CD was playing softly; it was Elaine singing a folk hymn (my term), and it was beautiful. Her website is HERE. 

I immediately bought the CD. She was a bit rushed, as she was scheduled to get on an outdoor stage to sing to the masses.