Roger (#527) 02-14-14

Walking along St. George St. (the main tourist area) in St. Augustine, I saw Roger half a block away, on a side street. He was playing an accordion for…, no one. He was playing alone. So after I introduced myself, he had time to talk.


Roger has lived in St. Augustine for 28 years. He owns seven accordions. The one that he was playing that day cost only $100 used – he uses it on the street to lessen his potential loss in case of a mishap. He used to play on St. George St., but the city passed a law banning buskers - they have to be at least 150 feet away. Some people think that he’s homeless, but his wife “just wants me out of the house once in a while.” Roger has sort of a ministry; he plays old hymns at churches and assisted living facilities.


I thought that the accordion was long out of style, but Roger assured that there is a vibrant online community that is fostering a comeback.