Naomi and Tinker Bell (#526) 02-12-14

The street was crowded, with both a farmer’s market and health fair going on. Two very demonstrative young ladies were in mermaid costume. Kids were attracted to them as parents photographed. They were in theatrical mode, and I could hear one say that her name was Ariel. It seems that most mermaids are Ariel. My challenge was to hold a brief, more serious conversation.

During a brief lull in the action I approached ‘Ariel’ and explained the 100 Strangers project. She immediately got more serious and seemed interested. I said, “Hi, I’m Bob.” She replied, “I’m Naomi’, and almost immediately looked surprised and put her hand to her mouth. I said, “Oh, you’re not Ariel?” Naomi burst out laughing and immediately resumed her role. No more serious stuff.


I turned to her friend who immediately said, I’m Tinker Bell.” There would be no getting off script with Tinker Bell.

12-02-14 Tinker Bell.jpg