Emanuel (#711) 11-21-14

Emanuel was reading a book on a bench, in front of the courthouse in Bradenton, FL. He wore a plastic helmet, which made me think that he might be a construction worker on break. When I approached him, Emanuel was affable and was happy to be photographed. The concept of 100 Strangers did not interest him, however; he was doing this as a favor.

The book that he was reading was about abnormal psychology. It looked like heavy reading, and Emanuel was making extensive notations in the margins. He said, “I'm not crazy or nothin'”, with a grin. Someone obtained legal possession of his house, and he was researching how to get it back. Emanuel is confident that he will gain repossession.

I asked if he worked around the courthouse. He laughed, shaking his head 'no', and showed me a tag on a chain around his neck. It had his name, and the words “Open Door.” Open door is a resource center for the homeless. Read about it HERE. A wonderfully altruistic concept, but notice the restricted hours: 8AM – 2PM, Mondays through Fridays.