Devi (#712) 11-22-14

I saw Devi sitting with previous (Flickr) stranger #441, Jeff, . I asked Jeff if he'd introduce me to his friend. Of course, I first misunderstood and thought she was Debbie. No, Devi.

She left Maryland five years ago to come to Florida. I asked how long she had known Jeff. He piped up and said over a year. Devi rolled her eyes and said, “Too Long.” I said that this sounds like the old line, “We've been married 30 wonderful years, 36 in all.” They chuckled.

Devi is a pharmacist by training. She owns Comfort IV Therapy, and provides infusion therapy in the patient's home. Her site is HERE. She provides patients to remain at home during chemotherapy, intravenous nutritional therapy, and a host of services that required hospitalization in the past.