Christine and Kim (#710) 20-11-14

Sitting at an outdoor table, Christina and Kim were taking photos of each other with their cellphones. Obviously they were in the photographic mood, so I made my move. They were very agreeable, but a little wary of an old guy with a camera and an unusual hobby.

Christina is from Boston, with only the slightest hint of an accent. She actually prefers Boston to Florida, and I suspect that her residency here will be short lived. She works at the Longboat Key club, a very tony establishment.

Kim works two jobs, an unlikely combination. She is a Certified Nurse assistant, and does private duty nursing, often in the two local hospitals. Her other job (drum roll...) is making sandwiches at a local Subway sandwich shop. This seems like a sad waste of talent to me, but what do I know?

Both of them liked their images. Neither of them wanted copies. That pretty well puts me in my place. Again.