Bill (#709) 11-19-14

Another photographer and I saw Bill sipping a cup of Joe. His hat and beard made him look interesting, and we were not disappointed. Bill had no reservations about being photographed, or being interviewed as a Stranger.

On the contrary, Bill spoke passionately for 20 minutes, about everything, and so fast that I could not write it down. He recited all of the reasons that our society and government has crumbled, with numbers and strong opinions to back it all up. He has lived virtually everywhere. Bill and his son will soon move to South America. When I asked which country he shrugged and said, “We'll find one.” The implication was that living in ANY South American country would be better than living in the U.S.

When he stood, an obvious orthopedic boot was on his left foot. This was the result of an auto accident, where Bill's car was hit by a drunk driver. Hopefully there are no drunk drivers in South America.