Lily (#662) 10-04-14

I was drawn to Lily's hat, and she was happy to participate. But when I looked at her closely, I was sure that I had seen (and photographed?) her before. But she said no, and when I heard the name I knew that it must have been a coincidence. And then I was proud to learn that her name had four letters, so that I would not make the mistake of a double ā€œLā€. So proud that I forgot if the last letter was a 'y' or an 'i'. Can't win. Well, for now she's Lily.

Anyway, she is from Boulder Colorado. After enduring Florida heat and humidity, she prefers Colorado and may go back. When we reviewed the images on the LCD, amazingly we both preferred the same one. That seldom happens. I gave her a card and got her e-mail address. The image has been sent.