Marty (#663) 10-05-14

As I walked past the Blue Owl Tavern on Main, I saw a fellow with lots of facial hardware at an outdoor table. I passed by, stopped to check some messages on my cell phone, and then went back. Stupid! He was gone, I shouldn't have waited. But luck would prevail. I got a cup of coffee across the street and kept an eye on the bar. Sure enough, Marty reappeared along with two others (another post).

Marty has been in Sarasota for 10 years, originally hailing from Massachusetts. I said, “Oh yeah, I can hear it now.” Marty said, “Lots of people can.” I told him that I was from Noo Yawk. He said that he could tell that too, even though I've been in Florida for almost 60 years. He was soft spoken and courteous.

I showed him this image on the LCD and said, “Wow, that's one tough lookin' dude.” He laughed and replied, “Nah.”