Paul (#661) 10-03-14

Paul was sitting on the ground, on the edge of the sidewalk, playing his guitar and singing. A cardboard box neat to him contained a few small bills. He stayed in Bradenton for four years, tending to his mother. When she passed two years ago, he relocated to Sarasota. He said that recent times have been a bit tough, as it had rained almost every afternoon.

He and another bachelor are saving up to buy a sailboat. They only need $200 more. The boat has no engine, but it has a generator and small air conditioner (an absolute necessity!). They plan to live on a mooring in Sarasota Bay.

I asked him about recent good times. A couple of weeks earlier, Paul was performing in front of a Starbucks, two blocks away. A Bentley pulled up, and suddenly Jerry Springer was standing next to Paul.

“Hello, Mr. Springer.”

“I'm Jerry. Do you know any Beetles songs?”

“Yes sir, I know them all!”

Yep, that's pretty neat.