Daniel (#660) 10-02-14

Daniel was eating at an outside table in Bradenton, FL. The light was nice; he was undercover. And he was in front of a blank pink wall – I liked it. When I explained the project, and that my main goal was to meet people, he was intrigued and was happy to participate.

Daniel is from Queens, NY (same as I) and went to college in upstate New York. He came to Bradenton at age 25 and likes it here. Daniel considers himself very lucky, in that he is in the financial industry and does his work online. He can live anywhere that there is an Internet connection. Otherwise he feels that the area is not too business friendly. He made a sweeping motion around the street, “Where are the suits and ties? Most residents work in infrastructure, like teachers, police, and healthcare. There aren't many large business here hiring.”

I guess that Daniel IS lucky.