Frank and Kellie (#659) 10-01-14

I saw them from across the street; we were walking in the same direction. I liked their body language, so I picked up the pace to double time before crossing. I wanted to be in front of them on their side of the street. I don't like approaching people from behind.

When I asked for my favor, I was surprised that Frank seemed reserved, Kellie is the one who was all for it. But as soon as I asked Frank to 'not smile for the camera', this was what I got. I said, “You don't have to look THAT unhappy,” but that just fueled the theatrics. I asked Kellie if Frank always looked that way. “Yep, that's him”, she deadpanned.

When it was her turn, I took a quick look and did something I almost never do, I let her keep the glasses on. By pure luck, her eyes were sharp, there was no lens reflection, and the frames did not cut through the iris'.

They both recently graduated from Sarasota High School. I asked what the do now – Frank answered, “Look for lunch.” Kellie took my card and was interested in getting a copy of the images. Frank, who knows.