Carol and Her Pastry (#409) 09-11-13

I saw Carol at a kiosk in front of the Whole Foods Market. She was purchasing some kind of pastry and fruit juice. The broad rimmed white caught my attention, so as soon as she walked away I made my move. She had no reservations about being photographed. When I explained that the project was largely about an excuse to meet and speak to strangers, she winked and pointed at me with her forefinger.

Carol was a volunteer for radio station, WSLR (like Single Lens Reflex) J. The station had a booth at the nearby Farmer’s Market, and Carol had just finished a two hour shift and was heading home.

I asked her what was the best thing that had happened that morning. She said “buying a $1 pastry”. I said, “OH, I guess today has been pretty dull”, and we both laughed. Then the worker from the kiosk ran up to Carol with her bag, Carol had left it on the kiosk counter. We agreed that had I not stopped her for a portrait, she would have left without her snack.

See, portraits are good for you!