Blessed Rain (#410) 09-10-13

When photographing, rain can be a bad thing. Or, a blessing. While another photographer and I patrolled the Farmer’s Market in very overcast conditions, portrait photography was easy – the light was soft and diffused everywhere. But when serious rain started, we had to take cover under an awning attached to a storefront.

Fortunately, Adrian, Brittany, and Diana had to take cover too. They were a captive audience – nowhere else to go. J All were from Sarasota. Adrian was on the phone, so I tried to wait him out. No luck, it was permanently glued to his ear.

So I spoke with Diana and Brittany, who offered little resistance to being photographed. It is obvious to me that Brittany is well versed in being in front of a camera.

Diana was a bit more reticent, but again, offered little resistance.

Diana took my card, and we all left laughing. Later, Diana e-mailed me and said that she liked the images on my Flickr Photostream, and could I send them along. Of Course! It is always gratifying when a stranger makes contact and gives feedback.

Rain can be a blessing.