Jean and the Fiat (#412) 09-13-13

Walking with two other photographers, I met Jean. A very friendly Sarasota resident, she had no problem being photographed.

While I was with her, my two friends spoke with her husband – I did not meet him. He suddenly called for Jean as he began to get into their car. It was a small, no, tiny, Fiat. As she got into the car she said that they love the Fiat, and the Mocha Latte color.

Mocha Latte.

What ever happened to brown, tan, and beige? Automakers have become clever at assigning abstract metaphysical names to banal earth tones. Checking the Internet, here are some other creative monikers:

Honda CR-V     Kona Coffee Metallic, and Urban Titanium Metallic

Ford Fusion      Ginger Ale Metallic

Buick LaCrosse  White Diamond Tricoat, and Mocha Bronze Metallic

Nissan Altima     Sahara Stone metallic

Lexus ES350      Satin Cashmere Metallic

I once had a coworker who called her car color Baby S**t Yellow. That’s better. At least I know what it is. Maybe Mocha Latte is a way to distract the buyer from Fix It Again Tony (FIAT).