Images by Jeff Bowen (#411) 09-11-13

Wednesday, again, and time to check out the work of another photographer.

When I joined the 100 Strangers Flickr group, it became my main outlet for sharing street portraits. As that was nearly two years ago, many photographers have reached 100 and moved on. Read about the group HERE.

Having finished 100 a while ago, I have other varied outlets for showing work including camera clubs, an art center, various online forums, and my blog. Still, I am nearing 200 in the Flickr group, and have no intention of stopping. Today there is a fresh group of photographers who are very active and enthusiastic. One is Jeff Bowen. Time flies; it seems like he started only yesterday, but Jeff also is approaching 200. See his work HERE.

I find it interesting, and fun, to review work of photographers who have different visions than my own.