Rob (#413) 09-14-13

Walking through downtown Tampa, I saw Rob weaving a bit as he navigated the sidewalk at 11AM. As I approached, he quickly walked toward me and asked if I could help him get lunch: he was hungry. Prepared for this eventuality, I showed him a few dollars and explained that I liked to meet and photograph strangers. I handed him the $$, shook his hand and said, “My name’s Bob”. He brightened up and said that he was Rob; we were both Roberts! True. My namesake and new BFF was prepared to pose any way that I liked.

Rob was from Michigan, and has been in Tampa for two years. Being homeless, he finds the Tampa climate far more hospitable. I didn’t mention that if you have a home, the climate is STILL more hospitable.

As I walked away, he called, “Hey, what’s your name?”