Tyler #2 and Ariel (#355) 07-16-13

About 10 minutes after photographing Tyler #1 (previous post), I saw a young couple who caught my eye. His name is..., Tyler. So for now, he is Tyler #2. His beard is so full for a young guy. He made me thing of Quakers and Amish, but Tyler is neither. Both he and Ariel graduated from the local Sarasota High School. Both are very quiet, and seem shy.

Quite a coincidence having two Tylers in a row. But Ariel is a pretty unique name too. What ever happened to the Lindas, Beverlys, and Barbaras? So many interesting, unusual names. I had seen the word Ariel around sailboats, so I looked it up. Aha! Ariel is the character from Disney's "The Little Mermaid", and looks like this.

This Ariel is petite too, and fits my image of a mermaid. Except that she has feet. What a great name! I wish I had known this when we spoke.

Names can be fun. Now I'm off to find another Tyler (#3).