John Paul Caponigro on the Creative Process #356) 07-17-13

On Wednesdays, I try to post either the images, or the thoughts of another photographer. On the thoughts front, I often return to creativity. I never have considered myself very creative. Nevertheless, I now have a portrait project that I could not have concieved of only a few years ago. Whether I like it or not, some creative spark(s) got me going in this direction.

Fine art photographer, John Paul Caponigro, has spent a great deal of energy dissecting and teaching elements of creativity. It is a cousin of productivity. Below are two J.P. Caponigro videos, in which he discusses creativity. The TED talk is 20 minutes, and the Google talk is 43 minutes. This a bit of a time commitment, and the material is not light and fluffy. Still I encourage you to watch at least one of them. They are interesting – promise.

Ted Talk

Google Talk

If these will not play on your computer, the link is HERE.