Tyler #1 (#354) 07-15-15

Yes, Tyler #1, tomorrow's post will include Tyler #2. When I was a kid, there weren't any Tylers around!

Anyway, I saw this Tyler in a crowd at my favorite farmer's market. Along with having a great beard, I felt confident that he wouldn't mind being photographed – in fact that he'd like it. Sure enough, as soon as I approached him, he got a huge grin and said, "You like this, huh?" as he flipped his long curly locks with his fingertips. Tyler said that he could grow all the hair, and the beard, in six months.

As I was about to press the shutter button, he said that he had seen me before. In fact, that I had photographed him before. No, this is one fellow who I would not forget. But then he said that it was on a street corner about two blocks away, and for me to remember that his hair and beard changed quickly. Slowly, it came back to me. I found his image from March, 2012.

I hate forgetting a strangers face. Usually. But in this case, I forgive myself.

Would you have recognized him the second time?