100 Years in Tokyo (#277) 04-21-13

Photographs in general, and portraits in particular, have long been a way to 'freeze' time. We watch our children grow in photographs. We watch politicians, sports figures, and entertainers grow older through both still and video images.

When viewing old family photo albums, it can be s

obering to watch the physical changes over time.

The website PetaPixel introduces a project that documents these changes across a population. Finnish photographer, Petri Artturi Asikainen, has completed a personal project, "100 Years in Tokyo". He took about 500 portraits of residents of Tokyo, and always got the subject's age. He then compiled a book of the images, sorted by age.

The PetaPixel article about the project is HERE

Within the article is this five minute video, highlighting the book, page by page.

I find the video powerful. Enjoy.