Marilyn (#278) 04-22-13

Walking down Venice Avenue, behold, a lady sitting at an outdoor table for four. One human, three empty chairs. One cup of coffee and one Canon DSLR. Oh, and a Sony DSLR. One for each hand, I loved it! You never know what you'll find while people watching.

So I introduced myself to Marilyn and complemented her on her pair of cameras. One belonged to her sister (darn!), but she was nowhere to be found. Marilyn was visiting the area from Rhode Island, and had five more days before returning to the frozen north. Notice the Boston Red Sox hat – this was a week prior to the Boston Marathon tragedy.

I love to get wide open eyes; sometimes, it just can't happen. The bright street was behind Marilyn and storefronts were to my back. So, she was looking at relative darkness. But still, the eyes are slits. What is a photographer to do? Accept.

My belief is that all images should tell a story, and that all faces can tell a story. It is our job as photographers to capture it. With this portrait of Marilyn, I grade my effort as a D. Over the next several posts, I shall return to 'story' quite a bit.