The Quisnos Guy (#275) 18-04-13

In Tampa, I bought a decent sandwich, and then asked the Quisnos worker for a photograph. No problem.

Here is the problem. I got this image about two years ago. Reviewing it now, I like it better than most of the images that I've gotten in the last six months. Maybe I am going backwards – not a pleasant thought. One thing is different; this was shot indoors. Over the past year, almost all of my strangers have been photographed outdoors for two reasons:

1. Indoor light can be SO finicky, unless there is a large window letting in soft light, and

2. Photographing outdoors in public places, affords the photographer (me!) more rights than within indoor establishments.

As to the first issue, I have to say that the Quisnos guy is in darned nice light. As to the second... well, I'm not going to sell this anyway.

I may have to rethink this indoor/outdoor thing.