The Finsbury Fifty (#274) 04-17-13

Now that It's Wednesday again, I have stumbled upon another photographer's personal project, The Finsbury Fifty. The fifty is 50 portraits of 50 people, all with a 50mm lens. And all in Finsbury Park, a neighborhood of London. If you are interested in Finsbury Park, read about it HERE.

British photographer Rob Cartwright is a professional wedding and corporate event photographer, by day. :-) See his website HERE. 

His main blog for showcasing professional work is HERE. 

But like many professional photographers, he recharges his creative batteries with a personal project, The Finsbury Fifty. Having recently moved to Finsbury Park, he found that photographing its inhabitants was the perfect outlet. Here are Rob Carter's words:

"I loved shooting everyday and wanted to continue with that. Having completed a very general 365 project I was keen to work on something more focused next.

"I’m also very excited about getting to know my new neighbourhood, and, more importantly, some of the people who live here, better.

Taking 50 portraits of 50, err, Finsburians (I’m using it) all on a 50mm lens seemed like the perfect way to do it.

I genuinely relish meeting new people, am obsessed with shooting portraits and am excited by the idea of recording a tiny slither of London’s social history at the start of the 21st century.

This blog focuses on the people who live, work and move through the district of Finsbury Park and immediate surrounding area in North London."

See The Finsbury Fifty project HERE.