Three Friends (#273) 04-16-13

The Venice public beach has a rather jazzy open pavilion with not-so-jazzy concrete benches. From a distance I could see a young man and woman with a friendly body language. Well, very friendly. I figured that they must be in a good mood – what better time for a photograph? They were a bit shy (a surprise to me, under the circumstances), but did agree to be photographed. Zack is a high school student from Sarasota, about 15 miles away.

Lily goes to Venice High School, one mile away. She took an interest in the process, as she Sony camera with the equivalent of a DX sensor. She took my MOO card and said that she would check out my Flickr Photostream, and this blog.

While we were speaking, Trent appeared. He was eager to be photographed. His father was at one time a professional photographer, so Trent is was interested in the 'event'.

Nice to spend a few minutes with such an agreeable young threesome.