Tyler and Caitlin (#272) 04-15-13

Sometime I believe in Divine Providence, or some other guiding hand that is directing our affairs. I often (usually?), have to 'kick start' myself when it comes to approaching strangers. My fantasy mind can think of all kinds of excuses to NOT approach someone for a photograph. But when a happy coincidence seems to have occurred, I feel that a meeting is pre-ordained, and that it is my duty to make contact.

Driving slowly, I watched hoards of senior citizens on foot, soaking up the relative warmth of the Florida sunshine. Suddenly, one young couple stood out. Both by age and body language. They were clearly enjoying themselves and each others company, as only young people can. Immediately began looking for a place to park. There was none. I drove for four more blacks before finding a (too small) spot, but used it anyway.

Then I began walking back towards where I saw the couple. No luck, hundreds of silver haired seniors, but no young lovebirds. After retracing the four blocks, I headed back for the car. But suddenly, they popped out of a store and walked my way, almost right in my face. I barely had time to collect my thoughts, but when a lucky coincidence occurs, there is no question what I must do.

So I stopped them, explained my project, and easily got permission for photographs. Tyler and Caitlin were on spring break from college in Akron. When I asked how they liked the area, Tyler said, "cool!". I asked what they would like better about Venice – less traffic! My sentiments exactly. Tyler's grandmother lived on the beach – a great place to visit.

Now, Caitlin's eyes were something to behold. I do think that she is wearing some pigmented contact lenses; God can only do so much!

Yes, Divine Providence is better than no Providence at all.