Approaching Strangers for Portraiture - Again (#271) 14-04-13

I have come across yet another article about approaching strangers. I can never see enough of them, because:

1. I am always nervous approaching strangers

2. No matter how often I do this, it is never easy

3. My inner weasel always tries to find an excuse to avoid approaching someone

So, reading another photographer's thoughts on how to do this can be helpful and reassuring.

Photographer Adam Morelli has weighed in on the subject in his April 12 blog post. See his site HERE. 

The post title is humerus and provocative: "Can I Take Your Picture? How to Talk to Strangers without Upsetting Your Mother" See it HERE.

There is one area in which I take exception. One of his criteria for asking for a portrait is to ask yourself three questions. One is, "would I talk to them if I did not have a camera?". His response is that if you would NOT talk to them without a camera, you should not ask for a portrait. I disagree in that I use the camera as a tool, an excuse for striking up a conversation.

As always, you decide for yourself.