Nina and Needa (#270) 04-13-13

These two young ladies are unrelated; I photographed them on different days in different locations. Even used different cameras!

A couple of months I went stranger hunting at a motorcycle rally. As I walked by a side street, I saw Nina with a young Oriental man. They seemed oblivious to the noise and general commotion of the rally. When I approached them about being photographed, Nina readily accepted. The young man declined.

Sorry fella, Nina is the one who caught my eye anyway. :-)

On a different day, several blocks away, I was trolling with my rented Olympus OM-D camera. A young lady was walking my way on the next block. I thought that we might meet in the middle of a crosswalk, so I stayed put for a few moments. Then when I began walking again, we met where I wanted to.

When I asked "the question", she seemed shy, but pleased. Needa is a student at the Ringling College of Art and Design. No surprise, as several of my strangers are students there. But, Needa is here on a student visa, and is a citizen of Iran.

I have no idea how many Iranian citizens are in the U. S. But I am glad that even though the U.S. is at odds with Iran (to put it politely), it is nice to see that individuals can enjoy some freedom. And, doesn't that reflect the usual situation? When two countries don't get along, it's the governments that argue. When common citizens mingle, they usually play together quite nicely.

Enjoy your studies, Needa.