Ken and Gloria (#237) 03-08-13

It was unusually cool (cold?) in southwest Florida as I walked down Venice Avenue. A slightly more than middle aged man was sitting by himself on a bench, wearing shorts. His body language screamed, "The wife is shopping, and I'm just killing time". I introduced myself and explained the project. Being a friendly sort, and bored, he had no problem with me photographing him. And, yes, his wife was shopping.

Ken and Gloria are from Sudbury, Canada and totally unimpressed by our 'cold' weather. His attire assured me that he was from 'up north', as is 75% of the population this time of year.

After a few shots, Gloria appeared. She was even more amused about being photographed than Ken.

They were about to walk to the beach to watch the sunset. I was about to walk home to get a heavier coat.