Peggy (#236) 03-07-13

Walking down a sidewalk, I was going through a dry spell. I had passed a few somewhat interesting looking people, but just didn't pull the trigger. Even after asking, and photographing hundreds of strangers, sometimes I have to push myself. REALLY push myself.

And then I saw Peggy heading my way. I stopped her and explained the project. As so often happens, she began to smile while I was speaking. All was good. I asked her to remove the large framed sunglasses that she wore. When they came off I said "Wow, glad that I asked". Her eyes were magnificent. She giggled a bit and said that she was a hair stylist and makeup artist. We agreed that I had asked the right person. :-)

     (click to enlarge)

So I checked out Peggy's website, which is HERE

Yep, I found the right person!