Contessa (258) 30-03-13

While visiting Blue Ridge GA, I tried to find a few strangers. Problem was that it was a cold, raw, day – not many folks wandering the streets. But as Contessa approached, she just seemed relaxed and 'in the moment'. In other words, not living in the past or future in her mind. 'In the present' people seem more likely to be open to new experiences, like being photographed.

So when I asked her for a favor, and explained my project, she was happy to oblige. And I think that her relaxed, pleasant demeanor shows in her face. The breeze shows on her face, too!

Blue Ridge is a tourist town, and she is from Cartersville, GA. Cartersville is in Bartow county which is next to Floyd County, which contains Rome, GA. The previous evening, a tornado had passed through Floyd county. I asked Contessa if Cartersville had any storm damage. She thought not, but was anxious to get home to see for herself.

I told her that I was from Venice, FL. Contessa's parents live in Naples, about 90 miles away. I do believe that half of the world's population have parents (or grandparents) on the west coast of Florida.